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" I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you for what you do.

I'd have to say the [staff], the doctor has just been amazing, the treatment, the care that I get you're truly passionate about what you do. I feel amazing. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you for what you do." - Mark, Patient of Southbelt Wellness and Injury

Car Accident Doctor

Why you should seek care from a car wreck now

After a car accident, If you don’t act, you can be in permanent pain. We don't say this to scare you, but to advise you to seek care as soon as possible. Many of the people we see on a daily basis have waited too long. Also, if you don't act quick enough, insurance companies can claim you as being responsible for any injures. Insurance companies won’t pay for treatment after a certain length of time.

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Personal Injury Houston Texas

How to turn your vehicle accident into a distant painless memory

Dr Banda has helped thousands of patients turn their lives around and back to where they need to be. Whether its at work or with the family. Come to our clinic so we can help you step by step on recovery and rehabilitation.

Injury Specialists in Houston

Chiropractic and personal injury services

Dr. Banda has over 22 years of experience in the injury field. We are connected with other injury specialists and recommend the best specialists in Texas. We apply a multi disciplinary approach for injuries so you are sure to get the help you need no matter who needs to be involved. The sooner you come in the better.

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We offer Personal Injury Services and more

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